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RESCHEDULED: July 19 — Christmas in July

We have rescheduled our meeting that was cancelled by I-HOP*** for
Monday, July 19th at 7:00 PM
This will be a joint IBM/SAM meeting at
Bertil Fredstrom’s home:
12316 Indian Mound Drive, Austin, TX 78758

Bertil Fredstrom, President of SAM 207 has opened up his home and will host IBM, Ring 60 along with the SAM 207 club. Yes, this will be a JOINT IBM/SAM meeting!

Bertil says, “there will be real food and drinks available, so there is no need to eat before you come.”  Our agenda will be the same as originally planned and we will have more magicians. This will be a fun evening.

Christmas in July

White Rabbit Gift Exchange!

This is similar to a “White Elephant” gift exchange only your gift should be magic related. So find an effect or magic related item you are not using and wrap it up in Christmas wrapping!  Mary Cay Gold will keep this fun Ring 60 tradition going on July 12th.

Basic White Rabbit Rules

  1. Each Player Must Bring One White Rabbit Gift
    Everyone brings a gift to the meeting. There must be one gift for each player to take home.  Your gift could be a magic effect you no longer use or something you bought at an auction. It could also be a magic “related” item , like a ceramic or glass bowl with cards or a rabbit in hat statue. Your imagination is the key. Your item should be in the $10 value range
  2. Gifts Must Be Wrapped
    Part of the gift exchange party excitement comes from the fact that you get to guess which gift is better before you choose one to open.
  3. Players Must Open And Steal Gifts Orderly
    Mary Cay Gold will oversee the order to the whole process. As a common white rabbit rule, names or numbers are drawn to determine who goes first and who follows next.
  4. Each Player Walks Away With Final Gift They Are Holding
    When all gifts have been opened and all the stealing has finished, the gift that everyone ends up having is now theirs and they get to take it home. Sometimes, when the game is over, people like to offer each other to swap and that’s ok too but obviously optional.

Following the gift exchange there will also be Open Mic.

Please present your effect with a “Christmas Twist”
The following people were assigned an effect with the following “Christmas Twists:”
Kent – Reindeer
Tricia- Ornament/Garland
Dillon – Presents/boxes
Glen- Wrapping Paper
Ken – Candy Canes
Bertil – Holidays around the World
Tim – Christmas Lights/Candles
Trixie – Holiday Cards
If you were not at the June meeting, please feel free to make up your own “twist.”


Kent Cummins, Mini Lecture “Theming for Halloween”