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Due to the recent OMICRON  outbreak and its effects upon the Austin community, some of our performers, and many of you, the board has decided to postpone the banquet originally scheduled for Sunday, January 16th and the Weber lecture on Monday, January 17th.


and…we will have an announcement very soon regarding a special virtual consolation event offered by Michael Weber. Keep your Sunday evening open. Details to follow soon.


We will contact all those that have paid and see if you would like a refund or to apply your payment to the new date.

Since this decision was just made we have not had the opportunity to secure a new date.  We will keep you informed as things develop.

When: Monday, January 17, 2022, 1:30 P.M.
Where: Heroes Night Out, 1150 S. Bell Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613
Price: Free for paid IBM Ring 60 members, $30 non-members

If you know who Michael Weber is, you know this is a special opportunity to benefit from some deep thinking from one of the most prolific performers of our time. If you don’t know who Michael Weber is, you definitely need to come and find out.

Michael Weber

We are thrilled to host a lecture by Michael Weber, who has performed for two U.S. Presidents. His style and originality have made him the personal performer of choice for celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Arnold Schwartzeneger, Sharon Stone, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg and Johnny Carson for their own private events. He has established traditions with Ray Bradbury and Michael Milkin by performing at their respective Halloween and New Year’s celebrations for several years.

Ask yourself – Is there a Drawing Duplication so perfect that all you need is any four pieces of cardboard, any four markers and a room full of spectators you want to destroy? No preshow, no glimpses, no nonsense. Get a sneak peek at a miracle. Is it possible to learn a memorized deck in two minutes or less? Can you instantly, easily and permanently know every card in order, the card at every number from 1 to 52 and the numerical and relative location of every card using any deck and only your brain? Yes, and Michael Weber will teach you. Can you learn the innermost wants, likes or fears of anyone using only a pencil and paper? Yes, and Michael Weber will show you how. When was the last time someone fooled you, inspired you, made you laugh, made you think and most of all made you proud to call yourself a magician? Michael Weber has performed his own brand of original, award-winning magic (IBM, SAM, FISM) for over three decades. You have seen his work in Hollywood blockbusters including Forrest GumpOcean’s 13The Prestige and The Illusionist. Now you can meet the man behind the miracles. Weber promises an amazing blend of original magic with cards, impromptu non-card magic and powerful mentalism. Join Michael Weber and press the reset button on the way you think about magic.

Come be inspired and educated! You don’t get a chance like this often. Cost is Free for IBM Ring 60 members and $30 for non-members.

You can pay your membership dues online (or set it on autopilot with a subscription).

Reserve your spot for the lecture now! Nonmembers, please purchase using the button below. Members, fill in this registration form. There are only 99 seats, so don’t hesitate. You must preregister. There will be no walk-ups for this event.

5 thoughts on “Michael Weber Lecture

  1. Do I need to do something to sign up for the lecture, I’ve paid my dues already, I saw a spreadsheet going around how do I ensure I have a spot?

    1. Yes! In the page above there is a link: “Members, fill in this registration form.”
      Click that link and fill in the form to reserve your seat as a dues-paying member.

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