Ring 60 On-line Store

To make it more convenient for our members, we have added an online store to help you pay your dues, pay for lectures and handle other purchase through our club. Simply add items to your cart and pay easily with a credit card, debit card or your Paypal account. You can add multiple items to your cart and check out with a single payment.

Membership Dues

Pay your local Dues for IBM Ring 60 or Austin Magic Youth – $15.00
Please provide your IBM membership number to help us confirm everything for you correctly. If you don’t know it, that’s OK, however, it helps thinks move more quickly if you have it available.

Which dues do you want to pay? (Does not include national)
IBM Membership Number


(to be announced)


Donate to IBM Ring 60
We gladly provide online payments to make it easier for our members to participate, but the fact is that it costs the club money each time an online payment is made. This is true with any credit-card processor. In general it costs the Ring a dollar in fees for every $25 of a purchase. If you would like to add an extra donation to help with those fees we greatly appreciated it.You can also make a donation just because you want to.