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Welcome to the center for information about Ring 60, the Austin chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. If you are interested in magic as a performer, collector, builder, or seller we would like to get you involved in our activities. If you would like to learn magic, we would like to get you started. If you love magic and want to see all that you can, we want to be the easy way for you to keep track of what is going on.

Join us on Zoom Monday, April 5, 2021, @ 7 pm CST

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Special Zoom Meeting on

“Creating and Costuming your Character”

Please join us for this month’s meeting on Zoom. This month’s meeting will be action packed. We will feature a mini lecture “Creating and Costuming your Character” by Chris Walden, Mark Wilson, and Dee Ann Prince.

Burt Rosenbluth from Houston will present a recorded segment featuring our rich heritage of magic. This month Burt will present a talk on “The Secret Life of Sponge Balls.”

AND – It’s OPEN MIC NIGHT. During the February meeting we held a drawing and members were assigned an effect to perform. Please review your assigned effect at te bottom of this newsletter and come prepared to perform.

Mini Lecture

Many say tthat a stage persona is you, turned up to 11. Sometimes, however, a performance requires that you go deeper into history, into fantasy, into context. Texture and detail make the difference thaat help people escape into your theatrical world. Mark Wilson, Dee Ann Prince, and Chris Walden will share how they have used costuming, production design, and other techniques to bring their arts into the diverse venues of medieval festivals, haunted locations, and anyplace the imagination can conceive. Explore tools and techniques to make your own performances more unique, engaging, and memorable.

Mark Connelly Wilson also known as “Merlin the Wise”, is an American musician, magician, actor, music composer, editor, and educator – who has produced, directed, cast, shot, edited, acted in, and composed/performed/produced music for – computer and videogames, film, radio, and television since 1980. In the nineties, Mark served as the lead composer for the software developer Human Code Inc. where he handled casting and direction of voice talent along with music composing for numerous award winning software titles for clients like Disney Interactive, Discovery Channel Multimedia, Motorola, CBS, Creative Wonders, Leapfrog Toys and Palladium Interactive.

He has many notable production credits that include scoring the award winning feature film “Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains”, and The Road to Peace: Israelis and Palestinians (Documentary), numerous award winning short films, short films and parody videos produced by Ralph Smyth Productions including “The Man Who Never Cried”.

In 2009, Markbegan his longtime association with Sherwood Forest Faire renaissance festival after he auditioned and became a cast member and stage performer and he continues to perform his stage act which features music, comedy and magic each season. In addition to Sherwood Forest Faire – Mark performs at other renaissance festivals across Texas and in Florida and since 2019 he has been the entertainment director of Evermore Faire, held in Colmesneil, Texas.

Mark resides in georgetown, Texas where he operates his own production facility “Magic Room Studios” and splits his time teaching filmmaking and music production at Austin Community College (where he has been an associate professor since 1997), composing music for freelance film and videogame projects , editing videos and feature films, acting in films and on stage, appearing as a professinal Santa Claus, and performing magic for the public – often at renaissance faires – as “Merlin The Wise”. Mark is a former secretary, vice president and president of Ring 60, the Austin chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and a member of the Society of American Magicians-Assembly 206.

Link to Mark Connelly Wilson on IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3277497

Dee Ann Prince has been making costumes and designing clothes since she was 15. Her costuming career began as Assistant Wardrobe Mistress for the San Diego Ballet. After moving to Los Angelos, California, she apprenticed under the famous Rubicon designer in Hollywood. She has assited in making beautiful gowns for celebrities, including Suzanne Somers wedding dress. Dee is currently in business for herself. She has also designed and made costumes for several local performers including all Merlin’s (Mark C. Wilson) costumes over the last 7 years.

Chris Walden had been interested in magic since he was 8 years old. His path followed a fairly mainstream course, performing for families an children, acting as the Majic 95 magician, performing for guests at Sea World Texas. In 2006, he won the TAOM award for Comedy. Then, Chris fell down the rabbit hole. Now, largely working as his alterego, Saul Ravencraft, he spent several years providing tours adn paranormal entertainment for the Museum of the Weird, produced a burlesque show called the Cabaret of Curiosities, and became a fixture in the more bizarre environs. Acting as the Exectutive Occultist, Saul provides diversion and deepening for people through demonstrations of mind powers, strange tales, and weird artifacts. He tells fortunes, hosts horror films, chats with spirits, and generally celebrates those curious who dare escape into the shadows.

OPEN MIC: In January we held a drawing of effects

The following effects are assigned to these members. Please be prepared to perform a 2-2.5 minute routine at our next meeting April 5, 2021.

  • 1. Imp in Bottle – J.D.Stewart
  • 2. Ambitious card – Tricia Davis
  • 3. Ball and Vase – Tom Wancho
  • 4. Optical Illusion – Kent Cummins
  • 5. Napkin Rose – Glen Watkins
  • 6. Newspaper Magic – Brad Henderson
  • 7. Professors Nightmare – Kurt Niebuhr
  • 8. Oil and Water – Ken Dickensheets
  • 9. Ace Production – Carlos Vasquez
  • 10. Transposition – Trixie Bond
  • 11. Knot Magic – Jesse Smith
  • 12. Mind reading effect – Bertil Fredstrom
  • 13. Penetration – Bill Loss

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Ring 60, Carl Moore Ring, Austin, Texas
President, Trixie Bond, president@ibmring60.org
Secretary, Mark Shaffer, secretary@ibmring60.org
Meets: First Monday at 7 p.m. For the forseeable future our meetings will be Zoomed. Our permanent address for zoom magic meetings is https://zoom.us.j/937607433 When things change this is the place for club information. Our calender will have all meeting dates.