TAOM 2021, Yes, it’s happening!


Fellow Magus, I received a set of reproduced old magical prints at my first  FISM convention, In Paris1973, that I framed and still hang on my walls.

The Harry Ransom Center in Austin, has permitted us to go through their collection and reprint a few unique posters. We will be gifting them to you as participants of TAOM 2021 in Austin. To the left is just one of the reproductions you will receive. An extremely rare Herrman, “An Evening in Spiritland”, 

We start the convention with a few lectures and a cocktail show. We have made some novel changes to the program this year. Each lecture will be repeated three times throughout the convention so you can pick the best time to attend.

We will be following the same formula for the close-up show and the close-up rooms only allow 80 people for a better performance experience.

Our convention hotel is the Courtyard by Marriot, Austin, Pflugerville and Pflugerville Conference Center. Technically it’s in Austin, 20 minutes from the airport, 185 miles from Dallas, 156 miles from Houston, 98 miles from San Antonio.

TAOM 2021 has negotiated a convention rate. $129 per night plus occupancy tax, currently at 13%. Free parking and WiFi. Breakfast for up to 2 guests.

Finally, attendees will receive one drink ticket for Friday night’s cocktail party. As you can see, the TAOM planning committee has been very busy over the last year to create the most unique and memorable convention possible. We are all excited about reuniting with our fellow magi and renewing old friendships and creating new ones.

See You There!

Bertil Fredstrom

President TAOM 2021

Ring 60 members gather for Penguin’s Austin Live Magic Expo

With the decline of brick-and-mortar magic shops fewer and fewer people get the experience of live magic demonstrations. Videos just aren’t the same. They are a disconnected experience. You watch from a distance rather than experiencing the effect with your own chosen card, or in your own hand. You also don’t have the chance to immediately ask questions. Ideas flow when magic is demonstrated.

Penguin, one of the major on-line magic dealers, set up a tour of different cities to let web-surfers partake of this live experience. It was essentially a dealer show, with tables set up in a hotel ballroom. Each dealer gave a demo lecture which included some tips and ideas for using the items they had for sale.

About 75 people were in attendance, including a number of Ring 60 members. Tonya Bush was photographing it all and she put together a nice video montage of the day.